What excites you the most about the Life Sciences industry in 2020?

What excites you the most about the Life Sciences industry in 2020?

Happy New Year! As 2020 begins, Elsevier’s Life Sciences
team is thinking about the possibilities for our industry. Here are some of the
things we are excited about as we enter the new year.

Life Sciences Professional Services Project Manager

“Drug repurposing will hopefully be explored more in 2020, particularly in the rare disease space. This could speed up the approval of already-marketed drugs for novel indications. We saw this recently with the approval of Descovy for PrEP to combat HIV. It would be great to see more successes like this applied to the rare disease field.”

Vice President, Life Science Solutions Services

“The speed of innovation in cutting-edge technology applied
to therapies is what excites me most. The short time between CRISPR and PRIME
editing, which demonstrates significant enhancements, is a good example.”

Senior Global Key Account Manager, Pharmaceutical Industry

“Open innovation and external collaboration will drive
further R&D.”

Senior Director, Product Management PaaS

“What makes me most excited about Life Sciences in 2020 is
that I feel we’re getting to a tipping point with respect to compute power,
data availability and knowledge engineering sophistication, where those three
capabilities will work in concert to produce more and better discoveries in
basic life sciences and in biomedical contexts.”

Lead Product Manager

“How the MDR regulation will translate to changes in the
medical device sector, with companies already being acquired due to lack of
diligence in 2019, 2020 will be exciting for the industry, regulators and

Vice President, Global Key Accounts

“Elsevier is positioned as a major force as a leading
provider of content and enabling technologies that has a great impact for our customers
and patients.”

Director Translational Medicine Solutions

“Pharma discovery is moving fast and will force partners to move fast or die.”

Senior Director, Pharma and Biotech Segment

“In the end, it is all about breakthroughs for patients and
seeing those breakthroughs come at an accelerated pace, especially in
underserved or tough-to-crack disease areas.”


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