The Hive is now open for 2020 applications

The Hive is now open for 2020 applications

It’s been three years since Elsevier launched The Hive, the innovation initiative for biotech and pharmaceutical start-ups committed to promoting collaboration and inspiration across pharma and the life sciences industry. Now it’s time once again for us to welcome new applicants!

A passion for science leads to innovative treatments

From the first iteration, which included Arctic Pharma AS, Myelo Therapeutics and Reset Therapeutics, to the second cohort of innovators, including 4P-Pharma, Beacon Discovery, Exscientia, LegoChem Biosciences, Sigilon Therapeutics and Unum Therapeutics, I have learned a lot about their ground-breaking research. I have also observed their passion in pursuit of science, and how their work capability has improved by utilizing Elsevier’s Life Sciences solutions.

Many of them are doing truly cutting-edge
research in areas like immunotherapy, genomics and artificial intelligence. Whether
it’s building a new class of combination cancer therapies, developing improved
treatments for chronic diseases or creating next-gen therapeutics utilizing a
unique proprietary platform, these innovative start-ups are poised to improve
healthcare as we know it and lead to better outcomes for people suffering from

Hive success stories

It has been a fascinating journey to follow the accomplishments of our current Hive participants during our partnership. Rubius Therapeutics, for instance, which is using red blood cells to fight disease, has recently announced the FDA clearance of Investigational New Drug Application for First-Ever Red Cell Therapeutic, RTX-134, for Treatment of Phenylketonuria.

And one more example that I am excited to see advance
from our “Hive club,” Sigilon Therapeutics has also received Orphan Drug
Designation for SIG-001 for the Treatment of Hemophilia A. I hope all the Hive
members will have continued success and recognition in this fast-growing
industry with the help of Elsevier’s Life Sciences solutions!

Apply now to join The Hive

Elsevier is passionate about partnership and thrilled to provide the support of our information tools while shining a spotlight on ground-breaking research. So it is time again for us to invite more companies to join this venture. All the pharmaceutical and biotech start-ups that we select to take part in The Hive will receive complimentary access and free training on our information tools, including Scopus, ScienceDirect, Reaxys, PharmaPendium, Embase and Text mining.

These databases and analytic tools empower
users to uncover a vast universe of scientific and technical information,
keeping them on the cutting edge of discovery while helping them to conduct
their research with greater speed and accuracy than ever before.

If you would like to find out more about applying to The Hive, visit our website or contact me with any questions.

Find out more about the criteria and apply to The Hive


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